Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sweet friends

Last weekend Kathryn and I (Cristen) were up in Bridgewater taking care of my 2 younger siblings while mom was away. On Sunday afternoon, on our way home, we got to stop by and spend some time with some good friends of ours, the Rogers. I babysat the kids when they were younger (the youngest had just been born) for several years while I was in college, and got to be good friends with their mom.

This is the 3 kids. It was Christopher's birthday party celebration that day, and they always celebrate with an annual football game.
Here's the best picture I could snap with the three of them and Kathryn. It was way past Kathryn's naptime, so she got a little fussy and didn't want to sit still for pictures!

Grace loved Kathryn, and was so good with her! She loved carrying her all around, feeding her Cheerios, and playing with her. It's hard to believe Grace was just 12 months old when I started watching the kids!


The Crabtrees said...

GREAT picture of Christopher, Gracie and Michael. Looks like Gracie will be a wonderful babysitter/mother's helper someday, and a great Mommy in the future!

Daniel and Kimberly Jordan said...

WOW!! They have really grown up!! What an attractive bunch. Please tell their family I said "hello"!!