Thursday, March 06, 2008

14 months old!

In honor of Kathryn now being 14 months old, and in the spirit of a happier post, here is a little update on what Kathryn is up to now. She loves talking on the phone. So, we went and found our old cell phones, charged them, and let her go at it. She loves pushing the buttons, and is amazingly good at finding random things on the phones, including the ringtones and going through them all to hear all the different ones.
She loves climbing the stairs, and keeps us busy keeping an eye on that. We finally got a baby gate to put at the bottom of the stairs too, but we occasionally let her go for it while we watch her.

She's very good at praying. She's demonstrating here how she folds her hands so sweetly to pray.

She's also picked up a few more signs, including "book", "hot", and "water". However, she kind of makes up her own signs for these, as she can't do them very well (especially for "hot" and "water"). She also has a few words that we're pretty sure she can say. They are "shoes", "hi", "cheese", and "keys". She loves watching for daddy at the door in the afternoons for him to get home from work, and just laughs as soon as she sees him walk up to the porch. She still amazes us at how much she eats. The other day I made a can of chicken noodle soup for lunch, and we split it equally...she ate half, and I ate half. That's a full adult serving she put away! She eats almost anything now, but has unique tastes for a child her age. She doesn't really like grilled cheese or mac and cheese, but loves spaghetti with the sauce, things made with peppers or onions, and dill pickles. When she was at the doctors on Tuesday, she said she could see her gums are swollen, so she's working on getting her one-year molars. She's also quickly becoming a toddler, asserting her will all throughout the day. Our job as parents has become more challenging as we seek to guide and direct with godly principles in this new stage. She continues to be such a joy in our lives, and we are enthralled by her. We are so thankful that God chose us to be the parents of the most amazing little girl in the world!!


Lindsay said...

I love you Kathryn! And all the new things you can do! You are sooooo big!!!!!!! Uncle Randy and I can't get enough of you! :)

Hope you and your mommy and daddy are feeling better! We've been praying for you! :)

Becky Swann said...

Hey! sorry it took me so long to answer your question. I just wrote out a long answer and for some reason the computer lost it. Oh well here is my second attempt:) The pillow I have is called a snoogle. I used it alot during my 1st and 2nd trimesters, I stopped using it so much because it didn't support my neck so well. I tend to have a bad neck anyway so this might not be the case for you, but that is my only complaint. It is great for kind of "hugging" you back and stomach so hopefully it will work for you!