Friday, March 07, 2008


I've been realizing that I forgot some very important things that Kathryn can do in the last post. Some other words she can "say" are: dad, hi (when "answering" a phone, and in a very southern accent!), mmmmmm (when eating or asked if something is yummy). She can also sign "help" (although she really just claps her hands together once, since she can't quite sign it correctly yet), "amen" (looks the same as "help"), and "bath".

And, the biggest thing I forgot, is that she can now walk! Duh! Being pregnant makes me forgetful! I'll post a video of it as soon as I can, but it's super cute. She still doesn't really choose to do it all that often...I suppose crawling is still more efficient for her. She also walks on her knees quite often, which is pretty funny. I took this video several weeks ago of her demonstrating this skill. I'm not sure where her pants were this day...



JRob said...

I can't wait to see her walk! yippeee

La Familia Garcia said...

cuteness! Family feeling better?