Monday, March 31, 2008

Our trip to Harrisonburg

We were supposed to go to my parents over the Easter weekend, but because I was sick, we didn't make it. So, on Tuesday, Kathryn and I made the trek up there together while Johnny stayed back home and worked like crazy on the house (thank you honey!). We had a great time visiting with my family, playing with their new puppy Rosie, and seeing some friends.

Here's the cute pup.
Kathryn loves animals, and was thrilled to play with the dog! Rosie thought Kathryn was another puppy, so we had to watch her closely with her so she didn't bite too much!

We had the treat of spending some time with Tabitha and Jude Lookabill while we were in town.

Kathryn loves babies, and took advantage of the opportunity to give some hugs and kisses!

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Kay Kay said...

Well, Rosie is quite a cute puppy. I know Nick, Allie, and all of the rest of the family will enjoy him....Kathryn too!