Wednesday, March 25, 2009

6 months old!

On Monday Jackson turned 6 months old! I can hardly believe it! He is growing so quickly, and continues to make us laugh all the time!
He is still a big boy, and wears size 6-9 month clothes now. He eats like a champ, too! He nurses every 3-4 hours, so about 6 times a day. He interacts with his sister now a lot more. He cries when she's not with him, and will laugh and squeal at her when she walks into a room or pays attention to him.
He's started sitting up on his own more, although is still prone to flop over in any direction (which is really painful when he falls forward when there's a toy there!). He can put his paci in his mouth by himself now, which is a really helpful skill to have! He also loves his feet now, and will grab them and chew on them all the time!He is starting to sleep better now, thankfully. He still wakes up about once a night (sometimes more), but we don't pick him up (and I certainly don't feed him anymore!), and wait for him to find his paci and get back to sleep. Every once in a while we'll go in there and give him his paci if he's not settling back down. He's no longer swaddled:

...and now sleeps like this:

I love those little feet crossed! In addition to nursing, he's started on some more solid foods, and LOVES it! He was starting to get bored with the plain rice cereal, so his first food was sweet potatoes. After that he had avocado, and today we added squash. So far, he loves it all! He eats solids twice a day, at lunch and at dinner. He gets so excited for mealtime.

He is also getting more mobile, and when he's on the floor he will spin around in any direction (when on his tummy). He also gets up on his knees in his crib, but hasn't done that much on the actual floor. (Thankfully, because I'm not ready for a crawler yet!) He loves to be outside, and we're looking for warmer days when we can hang out on the blanket and crawling around in the grass even more! Everything he can get his hands on goes straight to his mouth. He loves to give great big open mouth kisses, too. He squeals and screams (happily) all of the time, and is in the constant work of discovering new sounds he can make. He still loves to laugh, and is very ticklish. We love our sweet little boy. Happy Half Birthday, Jackson!


Randy and Lindsay said...

Whew...Jackson, you've been busy this month!! I can't believe he is 6 months old!!! :) Way to go with the of my favs:)

Cindy Perdue said...

Happy Birthday Jackson. I love to hear all the exciting new things that you are doing & discovering. I love you sweet boy.

La Familia Garcia said...

They really look alike in their profiles! I can't believe that swaddled pic was just a few months ago! I forgot how quick the changes are! And are to be coming again soon!

The Riggalls said...

It's neat to read what J is doing at six months, b/c it helps to know what Abbie will soon be doing. Some of what you said, she is already doing, the laughing and squealing happily, excited when her big brother is around, eating her feet, etc. They develop so fast at this age. Happy 6 months Jackson!

Alisia said...

how cuit!!