Saturday, March 28, 2009


*It is 10:43, and I should go to bed. Instead, I am blogging.

*I need help with organizing my house. You'd think after 4+ years of marriage I'd have a system for things (like the mail), but I don't. Any advice??

*I get excited when I see my blog listed on others' blogs. It makes me feel good that other people care to read (especially when I don't even "know" these people, as in they're other blogger friends).

*I also get excited when people comment on posts (hint hint...).

*My room is a mess. I hardly ever make the bed!

*I have been groucho-mom this past week. And I hate that.

*I formulate all kinds of blogs in my mind, but never get around to writing them. Every once in a while, when I do, they don't turn out as well as they did when I dreamed them up.


The Crabtrees said...

You are entitled to a little disorganization for two reasons...well at least two.

One: You have two very young children, one of whom depends on you and only you for his very daily meals.

Two: You are MY daughter...need I say more?

Look at the pictures of your beautiful babies, and realize that they are more important than all the organizing you could possibly do, decide on one or two rooms that you really want organized the MOST and then don't worry so much about the rest. Love You, Mom

Randy and Lindsay said...

I love that you were blogging at 10:45....I was browning hamburger...WEIRD!!!! I'd love to help you organize...but I don't know if what works for me would work for you! :) haha! Hope you have a nice Sunday....:) LOVE YOU

Brooke said...

Ha ha!! I love the new background colors! When you come up with a system for your mail, let me know...I have yet to find a workable solution either.

La Familia Garcia said...

wow, thanks for posting these! Now I know I'm not the only one! and I don't feel so bad! ;)

Matt and Laurie Beardsley said...

Yeah. I loved that. I think you should do that again. I loved the confessions! Our room is never clean either. It's upstairs so no one sees it when they come over. If the kitchen and living room are passable, I figure that's the best I can do!

It's 9:30 and we are eating dinner now, and there is definitely a TON of mail piled in our entry way where it comes through the slot. I'm figuring the bills will eventually eat all the other junk mail (you know, survival of the fittest-style) and then I'll get to the rest of it. ;-)

Cindy Perdue said...

The house is secondary. Take the time for your family. When you children are grown, the house will still be there. But you will not be able to get the time spent with them & Johnny back. So enjoy your time with them & worry about the house second. Love to all. Kiss the children for me & tell them I love them very much.

Ann said...

I use a large 3 ring binder for my mail. I have some sheet protectors and some folders with pockets. It gets sorted as soon as we bring it in. Junk goes in the trash, bills have a folder in the binder and then there are spaces for things to save.
Don't get too worried about things being a little disorganized, though. It may not seem like it now, but the time will fly, and the kids will be grown before you know it.
Cherish every second you have with them. They will appreciate it later, and you'll be glad, too.
Love ya, Aunt Ann

Ann said...

P.S. I really enjoy reading your blog. I check in several times a week. Thanks so much for keeping up with it, so that those of us that are far away can keep up with you and your family :-)

Kim Woodring Lee said...

I read your blog. HA. you don't know me, I'm doing well for this post. I do know your husband though and enjoy seeing pictures of your kids. You are also on my blog reader for other people to read that may not know you!

Kim Woodring Lee said...

I read your blog and you don't know me. Ha. I also have you on my blog reader for other people who may not know to read. sweet. I do know your husband though! I also dream up blogs and never get around to writing them or it doesn't come out like I hoped it would! thanks for letting me read!

Tabitha said...

Thanks for sharing! :) I think you do a great job of being a mommy and I believe the majority of women in the US don't have the magazine type amazingly clean houses... even those houses are cleaned up for pics I'm pretty sure!! :) I hear ya on organizing your mail ... I know it will just help to not have that paper clutter. The comment on the 3-ringed binder maybe something I try. Love you!

Rebecca said...

*I read blogs practically daily.*
*I like to be organized and will gladly put a bookshelf or closet in order for you if I get assigned practicum teaching in Roanoke.*
*I am not kidding. Seriously, I enjoy this kind of thing and I would love to be of help if you are going to open your home to me so kindly.*
*Lastly, I can't wait to find out where my practicum assignment will actually be so that I can let you know and begin making plans!*
Becky Scheel

The Dowdy's said...

I create wonderful posts in my head too...they never make the blog but in my mind they are just great!! Let's get together soon!!

The Riggalls said...

I don't like things disorganized either. It drives me crazy. Usually, everyday's mail will be organized by the end of the day. Jeremy will take the bills and put them in a pile to be paid. Then once they get paid, they get filed away. Everything else will either get tossed or be put in another pile to be read. They usually get either read or tossed by the end of the week. Can't stand clutter! I've sort of given up on the toy clutter though. I figure, as long as they're not in our walking path, they can stay out b/c they're just going to get pulled out again the next morning. You just have to choose what is more important to be kept clean on a daily basis and what to not worry about and go with that (except every once in awhile when hubby's watching the kids, then you can go to town and CLEAN HOUSE). I also know it's hard to keep everything neat and organized with two little ones in diapers. I'm in the same boat, dear.