Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kathryn loves babies

It's official...for some time now, Kathryn has been crazy about babies. It kind of marks her own transition from baby to toddler. Over New Years, we were able to meet a few of her little friends for the first time. And she loved hugging and kissing on them. Note: she will only kiss babies, other kids, and pictures of them. She will not even kiss us, her own parents!

Here she is hugging Joey Beardsley. What a treat to get to see Matt & Laurie for New Years!!
Is Joey into it, or is he just waiting to be rescued?

And here she is kissing baby Madeline.


Andrew and Naomi said...

Does that mean that you are going to give her a baby of her own to hug and kiss? :)

Matt and Laurie Beardsley said...

So cute!! Thanks for debuting him! That might have been his first kiss!