Thursday, January 24, 2008


I thought I'd post a recent video of something funny Kathryn has started doing. It's called "Fall Over", and whenever we say "Fall over" when she's sitting on our bed, she'll just flop herself right on over. It's pretty funny, as you can see. As you might be able to guess, also, we have to be careful of her on the bed now, even more so, with her propensity to just fall backwards at any time! No sitting near the edge! She also shows off a few more of the signs she knows. Funny this is, while we were both watching it to see what was on the video, she did all of the things that I told her to do in the video while we were watching it together! Too funny! Enjoy!


Andrew and Naomi said...

I love all of Kathryn's tricks!! Madeline and I watched our sign language video this morning so we can be as smart as Kathryn :)Kathryn can borrow it if she wants. I don't think we are quite ready for it. But, I do know cat, dog, cow, horse, car, shoes, more, eat and drink now.

JRob said...

she is sooooo cute!