Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Years!

Every year for New Years, our group of college friends gets together at various places to celebrate and enjoy our friendship. This year, we were able to have our annual gathering at Andrew's parents house in Alexandria, VA. We had a great time together, but of course missed those who could not make it.

Here's a cute picture of Kathryn that Johnny snapped looking out their front door.
We went into Washington DC for a little while on Monday. It was pretty cold outside, so we had Kathryn all bundled up! She doesn't look too thrilled about the whole thing.

Johnny and I at The Awakening statue.

The girls: Naomi, Jenny, Jeni, Kathryn, and I.

The boys: Jason, Andrew, Chris, and Johnny.

Kathryn at the World War II memorial.

Still at the WW II memorial, with the Washington Monument in the background.
After our annual gift exchange...Jenny got giant holiday lawn ornament bulbs.

Right after the New Years...Happy 2008!!!

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